Feels Like The Future Pt. 1

by Saint and Kings



released March 31, 2018


all rights reserved



Saint and Kings Oakland, California


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Track Name: 1982
I was eleven years old in nineteen eighty two
And I don't imagine that will mean a thing to you
Listening to Thriller, The Nightfly and 1999
Golden Age of Wireless, Midnight Love and Avalon
I was eleven years old in nineteen eighty two
Still too young to properly curse smoke or drink or screw around
Listening to Special Beat Service, Chronic Town and Nebraska
The name of this band is Talking Heads and Mesopotamia
I was eleven years old in nineteen eighty two
Up reading all night long with the radio on real low
To The Number of the Beast, The Dreaming and Ice Cream for Crow
A Kiss in the Dream House, The Blue Mask, Mirage and H2O
I was eleven years old in nineteen eighty two
Waiting for the nukes to fall and melt my face
imperial Bedroom, Lexicon of Love and If That's What It Takes
Forever For Always For Love, Big Science and Hot Space
I was eleven years old in nineteen eighty two
Elementary school just kept getting in my way
Love over Gold, Pornography, The Poet and Too-Rye-Ay
Screaming For Vengeance, Juju Music, Night and Day
I was eleven years old in nineteen eighty two
Rattle off a better year or ready your fists for a fight
Jump to it, Hello I Must Be Going and Talking Back to the Night
Computer Games, Marshall Crenshaw, Shoot Out The Lights
Track Name: Apocalypse
I want something real
Something to distract me from the action
And these feelings that I feel
Your body and soul so fine
Intoxicating me like wine
Before your end and mine

Baby won't you be my apocalypse
Wrap yourself around me with your lips
Reveal me to your real me with loving revelry
Until we suddenly see what's behind everything

You want something more
Something to resolve what you can't solve
The vacuum that you abhor
Muzzle a taste for mystery
Puzzle through personal history
Seek love more slightly sisterly

Baby won't you be my apocalypse
Track Name: Bad Guys
Titties and arse
Tents underneath the overpass
Tension building in the air
Up like buildings brick and glass
I'd rather smash
Cover my face light up the place
My mentions getting uglier
Downrated and I'm just so jaded

Is it time to be bad guys
Conceal our protagonist eyes
Switch up our allegiance surprise
Let's be bad guys let's be bad guys

Coming in spurts
Warm at the end like just desserts
Going out of style like inhabitants
Who were here first under cloudbursts
I'd rather destroy
Every disguise on everyone I spy
Ask each one how they identify
And if so then why and if not then why

Is it time to be bad guys
Reveal our antagonist eyes
Pitch up our revolutions surprise
Let's be bad guys let's be bad guys

Oh you're never too vanilla for a little bit of villainy
And if you're too vanilla pick a flavor for yr filigree
Track Name: Feels Like The Future
I don’t always listen
but when I do I try not to care
Somebody has got you
penciled in for eventual doom
Everything feels like the future but us

Life is a series of events
that eventually ends as events do
Everything eventually ends,
my baby, even and especially you
Everything feels like the future but us

If I gotta die tomorrow
I'd rather have partied tonight
If I gotta die tonight
I'm gonna party in the afterlife
The one I don't believe in

If I said idiot dance with me
Would it injure tender sensibilities
Then again maybe you might see
Something worthy in my sensitivity
Everything feels like the future but us

If we gotta die tomorrow
At least we saw a little bit of light
If we gotta die tonight
We’re gonna party till we get it right
Cop jewels that shine, stay steady thievin'
Track Name: Hearsay
Nobody's making me stay inside
I'll go out there if I choose
I'm fully stocked on shame and pride
But low on joy and blues

So if you see me there
That's better than another man's word
Witness beats hearsay
Beats faith in what you might've heard

Nobody's making me say his name
Doesn't mean I don't care
I prefer not to transmit his blame
Better to let it hit dead air

So if you watch me walk
That's better than another man's step
Witness beats hearsay
Beats repetition just to get a rep

Sources beat force
But if you got a sorcerer that's cool
Force doesn't care
It says the world's just one more tool

Empiricism in a time of empire
Is not just a victory of style
Rationality is my rationale
Always carried me a country mile
Track Name: Just To Properly Talk
The surgery hadn't kept you down
as long as you feared it might
So you texted and said let's meet in town
Late lunch where we can spend some daylight
Now that I'm out of the hospital gown
We hadn't seen each other since that autumn night

I promised you French funk
I promised you Japanese city pop
Dub reggae and choice AOR
I promised you so many things
But the crowd's too loud to stop
So we'll gonna have to roll our eyes
at each other just to properly talk

You never said you were mad at me or anything
The movie was slow the theater was warm
So when I snored I hope at least it was endearing
My head on your shoulder any port in a storm
If there's anything we should be cheering
Nobody's imagining any standard deviation from the norm
Track Name: Ours
We're two film buffs forever born four decades late
Finding fold-down seats in the dark where we sit and wait
For illusions to fool my eyes and to fill up your heart
For commercials and trailers to give way to high art

You say this love's an obscure arthouse movie
No blockbuster special effects or big stars
I say this love remains gorgeous and groovy
From first reel to credits, each frame per second is ours
It belongs to us, it's ours

We are co-directors unable to keep big mouths zipped
Screenwriters punching up lines until they sing off pages of our script
Until our stunt doubles and stand-ins can only look on in awe
Critics and reviewers are left dropping their collective jaw

You say this love's an obscure arthouse movie
No blockbuster special effects or big stars
I say this love still perplexes and moves me
From first reel to credits, each frame per second is ours
It belongs to us, it's ours
Track Name: Treerings
We pulled the car over to the side of the road
uncertain about our progress and direction
Our maps misbehaved in apps that wouldn’t load
or respond to even the simplest suggestion

It turned out where we wanted was close by
Half a block up and a right turn for a distance
We got to the gate and the guard waved us by
to a half full parking lot emptier than Christmas

We went into thick tree trunks and green silence
Canopies of leaves hung like cold constellations
Others drifted past us like memories of violence
The only burning our own internal conflagrations

Then we came to a lengthy log marked at one end
The center dated more than a thousand years ago
We counted wars and nations in each ring and bend
Locked eyes and counted breaths and turned to go

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