Feels Like The Future Pt. 3

by Saint and Kings



released May 28, 2018


all rights reserved



Saint and Kings Oakland, California


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Track Name: 1994
I can still throw stones at three different places
I laid down my head sometimes even my tail
I might draw a map just to tease out the traces
Hidden in the grid under suspicion without bail

But Alice Street never calls collect from 1994
Half my life and I ain't done with its memories yet
And East 14th Street won't let me get any sleep
What hangs low to my west most easily is regret

I straighten my line when I stop by the barber
I heard he'll retire when he hits that big lotto
I know in a port town there ain't no safe harbor
I mind my town business I make that my motto

I met you in spring after our jet introduction
I kissed you in summer under foggy seduction
I loved you in autumn to the depth of distraction
I missed you in the winter
Track Name: Better Off Lost
New car on my block must've been expensive
I only look at it sometimes not like it's in my name
But it still wound up on my block just the same

Misbegotten city won't you
please make up your mind
Are you gonna kill me will you be kind
Don't make my death expensive
How much can a last breath cost
Is everything I find better off lost

Neighbor on my jock keeps looking pensive
He wanted more thrills for bills and less fame
But he still wound up on my block just the same

Bad as things have gotten
Can't say I'm more bent
out of shape than my city
Track Name: Diamond Demimonde
What's the party going to confess
that the party hasn't told you by now
What’s the party got to keep you quiet
No highs or lows strictly middlebrow
‘Cause the party won’t say it’s over
before the cops take their final bow

You could step outside for air
into the diamond demi-monde
You could see it cut everyone
Sparkle and shine but you'll find
Inside the diamond demi-monde
there's not so much for you

But a place where you think you belong
Is not a place where you can be of use
And a place where you stay for too long
Is not a place you can find a good excuse
‘Cause a place won’t care about its name
After you leave your signature upon a truce

You could step outside for air
into the diamond demi-monde
You could see it cut everyone
Sparkle and shine but you'll find
Inside the diamond demi-monde
there's not that much for you

Nothing but love you make with lovers
Nothing but work left behind for others
Nothing but a diamond demimonde
Winking into existence then suddenly gone
Track Name: Goodnight My Love
Tell me tell me a bedtime story
Not like a child you want to go to sleep
Tell me tell me about passion and glory
Virtues unavailable to the rest of us creeps

Goodnight my love
I will not see you again
If fate and fortune favor us
you'll say the same as well
Goodnight my love
We lost the map to heaven
Refused to ask directions
So we spent a season in hell

Tell me tell me a perfect fairy tale
About two people who love one another
Tell me tell me about the ways they fail
To make it work so they just say why bother

Now we go away we've done our time
Now you do yours and I'll do mine
No roses to hold on without thorns
No halos without those pesky horns
Track Name: Horses Flying
Mama wakes up it's morning
Pours cold water and hot coffee
Hopes open blinds offer up sunshine
Daddy yawns and stretches deep
Slowly peels away his mask of sleep
Each asks the other if they slept fine
And the day gets underway
Horses flying outta the gate
Never early never late always on time
And the day gets underway
Only says what it's gotta say
Starts like a bad mood stops on a dime

Mama lays hands on the people
Helps lightning hit the steeple
Tunes out tinkling bells and tallies tips
Daddy sifts signals from static
Breathes tweets and exhales panic
Keeps pace at a hundred-fifty-word clip
And the day goes round the bend
Horses flying world without end
Never early never late always on time
And the day cools on its dish
Nobody grants a solitary wish
Not getting what you want is the crime

Mama deserves better weather
Her love keeps this house together
Warmer days ahead won’t be much comfort
Daddy takes pretty photographs
Reflects her laughs in between tasks
Hits playback before bedtime like a concert
And the day draws to a close
Horses flying win or lose by a nose
Never early never late always on time
And the day fades into the past
Sleep comes slow darkness fast
History repeats but it’d really rather rhyme
Listen long enough for a bell and it will chime
Track Name: In Memory
I'm surprised to find myself a body in motion
Matching my rhythm slow but not sleepy
It reminds me of how we used to be together
I'd say more if I was sure it wouldn't be creepy

And of course I miss you
Not as if that's the issue
I can always kiss you
In memory thin as tissue

I turn off my location more often these days
Feeling less like others need to know where I am
Feeling less like others even truly understand
So until I give a damn I'm unavailable for plans

And of course I want you
Not as if I won't flaunt you
I can always taunt you
In memory where I haunt you

I'm surprised to find myself dreaming of an ocean
Slow wet waves coming to me steady as regret
They remind me with you I could never say never
I'd say more if I wasn't too sure I might lose a bet
Track Name: It's Massive
I'm not worried that you'll come to me
I'm not worried that you'll come for me
I'm not worried because I'll comfort you
This ain't a threat, it's just a come-on, boo

This feeling, I can’t get a grip on it
Overturns me when I try to table flip it
It binds me tighter if i try to tear or rip it
Down on me like gravity it's massive

Draining my energy like water in a sieve
Killing me till it seems I just can't live
Taking everything from me I've got to give
Down on me like gravity it's massive

From the moment that I crossed your path
From that moment all you did was laugh
From that moment you knew I'd be drawn
From that moment until my will is nearly gone
Track Name: Until Something Else
Some keep sixers in car trunks
in case sirens start to pop
and brother in this instance
I do not refer to the cops
I keep a flask in my backpack
or an asspocket in the absence
of the proper means of carriage of
whatever weighs me down today

If rockets fly overhead and decide to detonate
I won’t hate I’ll just inebriate before I disintegrate
I’ll get out of my head if I don’t live until I’m dead
I’ll raise as many toasts as I can until I’m toast
Sip spirits until we’re all spirits so we won't hear it
Crack open cans while we can ball till we fall or until last call
Drink to our health until heaven or hell or until something else

Some keep supplies safely stored
tracking shelter backing up goods
and sister in this instance
I do not refer to the woods
I got a taste in a nearby drawer
Conveniently concealed within reach
of my hands that served me well enough
through easier times until it got too rough

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